I got into Decagon!, you too can. Here’s how

Decagon is Elite. You have to be elite to get in.....no mediocre!2 min

Decagon is an elite institute that accepts elite students ONLY. I know you are already wondering what an elite student is and whether you are one or not. Trust me, elite students aren’t students that know how to code alone but ones that really want to know how to code. Are you one?



Decagon is a software engineering institute ushering in a new phase of tech-powered growth and prosperity in Nigeria by training and deploying an army of leader-developers. With a project-based curriculum, agile delivery methodology, mentor matching, and leadership modules, we transform any fast learner into a world-class software developer in just six months.


Self tutoring is important but joining a world-class institute to guide you and teach you the most important way to be a ready and employable software developer is “importanter“.

You do not need to worry about the payment as you can be able to afford that while you are employed. This is why I choose decagon.

Okay, these things are on the website and you can read more about them here. If you have read the content of the website and now, more excited than before, wants to get in, here are some tips from me.

  1. Register early and begin your home study immediately. You will be given a study pack and you should begin studying them as soon as possible. Usually, the home study would be on the basis of HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  2. Test yourself on what you have learnt so far. You can join my Telegram group if you have one to join my members who are currently practising. Join here. You can choose to create a slack channel with the permission of the admin to study together with your fellow applicants.
  3. You should know JavaScript quite so well to be able to solve and find solutions to algorithms. Don’t be scared, you have more than enough time to learn the basics of what you should know to conquer that when you get there. However, you need to get to the Bootcamp before worrying about that.

    Check some of our resources on how to write solve labs here.
    Also, check out the JavaScript string method which you would be needing soon.
  4. You should have a good character. This is as important as knowing how to code. Decagon is interested in people who are excellent in character and learning. Be one!!

These are some of the important tips to getting into decagon especially for someone who is totally new to coding. Trust and believe in yourself if and only when you have studied and prepared well though. Decagon is one of the surest ways of breaking into the software development world. The ball is in your court now and it is time to play it.


If you have any questions concerning this program, you should contact info@decagonhq.com or send a message to one of the admins in the SLACK channel. If you really want to contact me, then you should meet me on telegram.

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Nnaji Victor


DecaDev, Full-stack developer in training, Gamer, Techie and weirdly cool. I love writing new stuffs that I just discovered and playing around on the net. Check my socials or email me.

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